Water Features

Capture the magic of a babbling brook and place it in your own back yard. Water features are the perfect addition to a complete landscape design.

WKB Landscape & Maintenance installs waterfalls, ponds and fountains for Utah home and business owners who are looking for a landscape upgrade. Our beautiful water features fit naturally with the surrounding environment.

Are you ready to make your back yard your serene retreat?


Attract Local Wildlife

A water feature will draw you and your family into the back yard, but it will also attract the attention of local wildlife. If you’re a nature lover, this is good news for you. Clean, flowing water will call to birds, frogs and many other types of creatures, and they will consider your yard a safe place to thrive. If you install a pond, you could even keep fish as pets.

A weekend afternoon relaxing next to your water feature will firmly reconnect you to the natural world — a welcome relief after a long workweek.

Enjoy the Peaceful Setting

Water features are especially helpful when you would rather mask nearby sounds, like highway noises or a bustling shopping center.

You don’t have to pack up and move to get the backyard peace you’re looking for — you just need a water feature. You don’t have to move to the lake to hear rushing water — you just need to call WKB Landscape & Maintenance.

Take Your Landscaping Up a Level

Installing a water feature shows guests, neighbors and prospective home buyers that you take pride in your landscaping. Your yard is the canvas, and your waterfall, pond or fountain is the work of art. WKB Landscape & Maintenance will help you integrate the striking water feature you visualize, the final piece of the puzzle in your larger landscaping plan.