Landscape Design

When you’re asked about the plans you have for your property’s landscape, you may have an overflow of ideas, or maybe you can’t envision the space at all. Whether you’re having trouble sorting your thoughts or your mind is a blank, WKB Landscape & Maintenance has solutions.

We help you put concepts on paper, and come up with original designs customized to your property. No matter what your property looks like, formulating a landscape design that’s on budget and realistic for the surrounding ecosystem is the first step.

Your Options Are Endless

At WKB Landscape & Maintenance, our team has a combined 85 years working with landscapes. Stone walkways, waterfalls, trees, gardens — your options abound.

We help you meld all the features you want into one cohesive design. The final landscape plans complement your home’s architecture, fit your style and deliver on price.

What’s Important in a Landscape Design?

We work hard to help you realize your dream landscape, but we also place a strong emphasis on both the quality of the materials used during construction and the overall functionality of the area.

We only use the best seed, fertilizer and plantings. We settle only for perfection when it comes to each flower bed or retaining wall. The final creation is a carefully molded balance durable enough to withstand Utah’s weather extremes, and beautiful enough to stun every onlooker.

We Take Care of Every Detail

One of the greatest benefits to working with WKB Landscape & Maintenance is that you don’t have to hire outside contractors to carry out our landscape design plans. With the skill and experience to install any fixture and build any feature, we are a one-stop-shop for your landscape needs. We handle every stage, from the conceptual phase to final installation. What’s more, we get all the little details right, and it shows in the final, large-scale reveal.

Trust Our Expertise

At WKB Landscape & Maintenance, every project is a new opportunity to achieve greatness. We approach each challenge with commitment, and we fill our ranks with talented, proven team members who share our vision.

Our equipment and ability allow us to craft an outstanding landscape design for your home, and we look forward to each undertaking. Planning and building exceptional landscapes isn’t only what we do best, it’s our passion. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.